We wanted to do some exploring further away from our region so we took a little getaway basing ourselves in Aix En Provence a great central spot to take day trips to and from . We took to the streets to visit Aix which has a really lovely main street however my preference lies in the other towns which I am pleased to share with you today. All these towns are note worthy and come highly recommended they are so very different but beautiful in their own way, they all exuded a certain charm - from a little seaside village to another tucked away in countryside and one built in a hill. They were perfect to visit being small we could pack everything into one day and return without travelling too long in the car. Getting there was wildly fun a little bit dangerous on some occasions ( eekk the narrow roads )but worth the adventure.






If you do one thing on the Cours Mirabeau in Aix En Provence it's visit this little mans shaved ice stall. He turned our one flavoured requests into his own concoctions and they were amazing this went down well on the especially hot summers day that it was. He added a bit of theatre manually shaving his own ice and adding a splash and a dash of this and that's really memory my tastebuds wont forget.