I am sure your sick of hearing about our upcoming vacation but this is the last time I promise and with only two weeks till we head off now we are completely organised bar packing the suitcase. I am writing because I wanted to share with you an online site that you might be interested to visit next time your planning a Holiday. AirBnB (AIr Bed N Breakfast) is a website which has over 500,000 listed properties in 192 countries and it is what you think people's houses, apartments, lodges, cabins, tree houses, airstreams, boats, lighthouses, and castles all available for holiday renting. 

For our trip to Hawaii we were looking for something more than a standard hotel room we needed some kitchen facilities, free parking two separate rooms access to a beach and pool bedding for a toddler that didn't charge per night and suitable for kids not too much to ask right. We found a place on this website which has all the comforts of your own house and ticked all those boxes whilst also being cheaper than a hotel double incentive. 

The only downside to this is that unlike a hotel housekeeping doesn't come everyday and you may have to pay a small fee but this didn't bother us too much we are both not the biggest fans of housekeeping trolling around our personal stuff, we are also only staying a week and there are laundry facilities in our place. As we also don't have room service we made sure to locate ourselves near a town full of restaurants, but with the kitchen we have the option to cook basic meals. So it's good to mindful of these things.

I think this would be a great website suited for longer stay-cations, families who need room to breathe and space for their kids, big groups looking for shared accommodation and even quirky people who are open to try new forms of accommodation (like ice globes and glamping and as mentioned above almost anything you can think of) . It can also be the answer to money woes in expensive cities I have seen some reasonable property prices in NYC and London on the website. If you are interested in listing your place here too it seems pretty straight forward enough.


Just for fun check out some of the beautiful (ahh the NY Brownstones) & unique places I've found on the website below: