The 10 year old tomboy in me screamed with delight when we discovered this little soon to be hotspot earlier this week in Dalma Mall. We stumbled across what could be describe as an outdoor indoor adventure zone and rightly so that's what it's called. 

Adventure Zone is owned and attached to Adventure HQ an outdoor superstore selling almost anything from camping to sports and leisure related. Cleverly built indoors and perfect for this summer and summers to come the park is aimed from 4 years and up. 4 years are limited to the rock climbing wall and trampoline park ... but 6 years and above can take advantage of this as well as the cable climb a series of obstacles suspended in the air with some parts even dangling above the store. There is also a  Skate Park a large variety of ramps and pipes and a BMX Pump track with hills and hairpin turns. All safety equipment is provided by the venue you can also use their range of bikes and scooters however you can also bring your own, There seems to be more than enough staff ensuring safety and also teaching the kids. There is also the perfect space for a birthday party or team building in the lodge, a cabin set up with tables and chairs catering solely for this. I did watch on in jealously reminiscing to a time 20 odd years ago but I was pleasantly surprised to hear adults can use it too!!!

For more information on prices etc see this link ADVENTURE ZONE