I have been scouring the net for some Advent Calendar ideas. This year I wanted to swap out the traditional chocolate a day and found options are endless. It seems every brand wants to join in the fun with something for everyone including :LEGO, PLAYDOUGH, GINGERBREAD HOUSE, COFFEE and even WINE . As exciting as that all sounds the one that struck me down was the activity Advent - homemade & thoughtful - each day an envelope is opened to reveal a Xmas related activity for the day. I thought instead of giving the girls chocolate or a gift daily we could get into the spirit in a different way. 

Luckily for me and you I found the perfect printable so there is not much you need to do. Templates for the envelopes can be found HERE and activities HERE just print them out. Construction is pretty straight forward and the way you display you calendar is all up to you. Don't count out sticking them to the wall or randomly placing them in your tree, I hung mine on a dowel with pretty ornaments

We opened our first envelope today and constructing the calendar was our activity I had a chance to explain how everything worked and had a helping hand in its creation  (even if that was tangling the strings on numerous occasions... yes toddler I'm looking at you I know that was no accident). We were quite proud of our efforts. So I thought a way to stay present on my blog is to bring you with us on our 24 days till Xmas come back daily to discover what we're up to.






I used normal paper which works just fine but I am sure a thicker paper would be a better substitute for the envelopes.

Once you have printed and cut the activities I suggest placing them on top of the envelopes and gluing before folding

I swapped out a lot of activities to cater for age and climate - ie: instead of snow angels and snowmen we'll do sand angels and sand men at the beach.

If you can I suggest sitting down and planning out the activities to ensure it works in with your schedule ie: outings/family members to be present. Alternatively you could just slip the activities in the night before.